Inter School Science Society Competitions

The NSF started organizing the Inter School Science Society Competition  from 2005, after establishing Schools Science Society Programme at the NSF. At present, there are 1029 school science societies registered with the NSF.The objective of conducting ISSSCs is to create an interest on scientific concepts and scientists and their findings amongst the school children and teachers, and to popularize science among the school community. 

The main objectives of the Inter School Science Society Competition :

-To improve scientific knowledge of students through competitions under different scientific themes
-To promote science by creating an interest and enthusiasm in learning of science
-To provide an opportunity to develop soft skills and to work as a team to achieve specific targets within a given time frame.

Competitions line up for school children for 2020:

-Role Play
-Digital Story Telling
-Science Essay
-Virtual Bridge Designing Contest
-Kid Naturalist Programme

Awards for teachers’ in charge of school science societies:

-NSF Award for Teachers in Promoting Science

 Awards for science societies :

-Star Ratings

Guideline for Inter School Science Competitions
Online Application Form